We’ve kept Auckland homes and businesses safe with professional wasp nest removal pest control services for over 20 years. We’ve seen how devastatingly quickly things can go wrong when “Uncle Bob’s” petrol and fire DIY remedy is used, for a nest treated safely and quickly give the team with the gloves on a call and we’ll deliver that knock out punch.

No Wasp nest is too big or too small for the Wasp man and his bag of tricks. With
the gruntiest gear in the business we can deal with your hard to reach nests and
will often use the same hole the Wasps are using for access. With over 2 decades in the business we’ve dealt with the tennis ball-sized nest on the fence right up to the monster nests normally only seen in nightmares and the newspapers!

Introducing the top three cortenders:

Common Wasp

(Vespula vulgaris)

Whilst fighting in a slightly lower weight class than the German Wasp and measuring in slightly smaller they can still pack just as much punch as their larger cousin. If they were on a wanted poster it would be clearly marked as “Dangerous, Do Not Approach”

Asian Paper Wasp

(Polistes chinensis)

Fighting out of the nests hanging on a fence, wall or tree and whilst many people may think of the Paper Wasp as the lanky kid with the dangly legs they can still pack a surprising punch and due to their smaller nest size they are often found accidentally producing a very nasty surprise.

German Wasp

(Vespula germanica)

Fighting out of your ceiling, garden or even your wall cavity and measuring in at up to 20mm in length we have the undisputed bad boy of the Wasp world the German Wasp, famous for their ability to inflict multiple painful jabs with their stinger and can often be seen hanging out with a few thousand of their closest friends looking for a fight.

Why eradicate Wasps?

Wasps have been labelled the most dangerous animal in New Zealand due to an estimated 1300 people seeking Medical attention each year and around 10% of New Zealanders having some form of allergy to Wasp venom. These Wasps are able to sting multiple times unlike a honeybee that can only sting once before it dies and are far more aggressive to anything they perceive as a threat.

Are the Common Wasp, German Wasp or Asian Paper Wasp native to NZ?

No! New Zealand has no Native Social Wasps (Wasps that live together in a nest). The German Wasp is believed to have travelled to New Zealand in crates of aircraft parts in 1945 after World War 2 and the Common Wasp was first discovered in the 1970s with the Asian Paper Wasp also arriving in the 1970s.

How much is a Wasp treatment?

We have a standard charge for Wasp control of $220 including GST.

Do you guarantee to eliminate the Wasp nest

Yes! We have an extremely high success rate with only one treatment and will come back at no charge if required!

Can Wasps damage my house?

Yes every summer we deal with Wasp nests that have become to large/heavy for the wall or ceiling cavity they’ve built there nest in and they’ve ended up coming through the plasterboard and into the house creating a very dangerous situation for the homes occupants.

How can I identify the location of a Wasp nest?

Larger nests have a much higher population of Wasps and the traffic they can produce can often resemble the Southern Motorway at peak hour allowing the Wasps to be followed back to the nest from a safe distance. Unfortunately smaller nests can be harder to find and usually sunset is the best time to follow them when they are heading home for the evening to identify the location of the nest.

Are Wasps good for the environment?

No! Each year Wasps wipe out thousands of Honey Bee hives each year and kill millions of native Birds, Lizards and Insects.

Are Wasps a major problem in Auckland?

Yes! Due to Auckland’s mild climate the Wasps love it and they can often survive through the winter. Auckland currently holds the world record for the largest Wasp nest which was found in North-West Auckland was roughly the size of a car!

How does the WASPMAN stay safe?

With the best equipment on the market and by wearing a full Bee suit whilst treating the nest we can ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

Who is the WASPMAN?

WASPMAN is part of ALPHAPEST who have been offering Pest Control Services throughout Auckland for over 20 years!

Can Waspman treat a Wasp problem if the location of the nest is unknown?

No, we do require the location of the nest in order to effectively treat the Wasp problem. As the nest can be over 100 metres away from where they are foraging it can often mean the nest is on a neighbouring property.

What parts of Auckland does WASPMAN cover?

WASPMAN covers the area between Albany in the North and Manurewa in the south. We are also one of the few Pest Control companies that cover the West Coast beaches such as Huia and Piha.

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